Rogue River Valley, Oregon - Southern Oregon is divided into three main river basins; the Umpqua River, the Rogue River, and the Klamath Basin. The Umpqua meets the Pacific at Reedsport, the Rogue mouth is near Gold Beach, and the Klamath empties at the Redwoods National Park in Northern California. All three rivers have their headwaters in the Cascade Mountains on the slopes of Crater Lake, Oregon's only national park. The Rogue River is a designated National Scenic River, and formed much of the backdrop for the Meryl Streep movie "The River Wild." Jet boat trips and white water rafting are very popular.

Rogue River Valley

Rogue River Valley, Oregon - A beautiful place to visit, a wonderful place to live. Come and find a place to call your own. Southern Oregon is a great place to own a home and grow your family.

Rogue River Valley

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Rogue River Valley - Oregon Travel Guide

Bandon, Oregon - Stories and Testimonials

Visit Bandon By The Sea

Old Town Bandon, Oregon - Bandon by the Sea

Growing up in Southern California, I was used to easy access to the beach, in fact many beaches. After we moved to Ashland in 1981 and the novelty of small town life in a semi-rural setting began to wear off, I felt myself longing for the beach. The pull of the ocean, the salt air and the sea breeze were calling to me. My husband and I went in search of the perfect coastal getaway; one that was close enough to allow for a relaxing weekend when all we had were 2 or 3 days to escape. Brookings and Gold Beach were nice, they were, after all, the beach. What more could we ask for? Then we discovered Bandon! The drive from Ashland is a little longer, but so well worth it.

We found our favorite motel, the Windermere, on the ocean side of Beach Loop Drive. Many weekend getaways with our two young daughters were spent there, wading through the ever changing tidepools, searching for mysterious sea creatures and discovering something new each time. We'd walk for seemingly endless miles on the beach, collecting agates and other special rocks and the occasional shell, sometimes braving stiff winds, bundled in jeans and hooded sweatshirts; sometimes wearing shorts and walking barefoot as the sunshine dappled the water like dancing diamonds. We always included leisurely strolls through old town, sampling delicious treats at Cranberry Sweets then down to the wharf to eat the world's best and freshest fish and chips at the Bandon Fish Market. We couldn't overlook a trip to the cheese factory to sample the fresh curds (the girls' favorite) and all of the other tasty samples.

Many years, and many beach trips later, Bandon is still my favorite weekend getaway place. The girls are grown and I am remarried now, but the Windermere still feels like home away from home and the drive from Ashland to Bandon is still exciting, with the anticipation of that first deep breath of salty sea air, as we get closer to our destination.

My favorite places have remained the same, with some additions. The High Dock is our dinner place of choice and I can't leave without spending at least a good two hours in Winter River Books (always coming home with an armload for home and school). A casual and quick breakfast at the Minute Man Café in old town can't be beat, but a nice brunch at Lord Bennet's overlooking the beach, is a relaxing and delicious way to spend a morning! Weather permitting, my husband likes to get in nine holes at the Face Rock course and is planning to get in a full eighteen at Bandon Dunes one of these days soon.

But the best thing, the very best by far, is watching the sunset over the great blue Pacific. In not so perfect weather, watching from our room, with a fire crackling and a bottle of wine to toast yet another glorious seaside getaway, or enjoying a delicious dinner at one of the many great restaurants overlooking the ocean, is a fine way to view this majestic sight. But being down on the beach with the ocean breeze blowing salty air across my face, watching that glowing ball of fire sink slowly below the horizon, takes my breath away each and every time. Even if only for the sunsets, the drive is worth it.

Visit Bandon By The Sea

By Christyn Madau

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Rogue River Valley, Oregon - The Siskiyou Mountains stretch between the Cascade Mountains and the Coast Range at the California border. The entire area is more vertical than most other parts of the state, which leads to numerous waterfalls, lots of whitewater rapids, and some spectacular scenery. Rogue River Valley is outside the main population centers of the state and the area has a very rural flavor. Major industries are tourism, wood products and agriculture. The climate is generally milder and more Mediterranean than North Western Oregon. Average rainfallis about 20 % lower and the temperatures are a bit higher.